external image 3041192600_39d743d487_t.jpgIn our grade one classroom, we are learning about rituals. Rituals are things we do every day or every week or every Saturday. Can you think of something to add to our list to help us learn?

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Your Ritual
I make coffee every weekday at 6:00 a.m.. (Monday to Friday)
Laurel Dee Gugler
Every morning, first thing--still in my pajamas, I write two things I'm thankful for. Today I wrote: "I am thankful for that Grade One class who sat in the first row at the Moose Jaw Library on Wednesday, November 19.
Moose Jaw, SK
I brush my teeth every morning and every night.
Moose Jaw, Sask
I have fun nights every friday.
San Antonio, TX
I go to the gym and workout every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning.
Laurel Dee
When I was little, I always ate the head off of my animal cracker first before I ate the rest.
Moose jaw,SK
every night I watch a movie.
Moose Jaw, SK
I pick out my clothes and dress myself everyday. I take my vitamins everyday. Every Monday I go dancing.
Moose Jaw, SK
Saturday night in the winter is pizza and a movie at our house.
Moose Jaw, Sk.
Every Christmas my family and I get to cut down our own Christmas Tree.
Moose Jaw,SK
I read books every night.
Moose Jaw,SK
I go to school every day.
Moose Jaw,SK
Every night me and my family read books before bedtime. Every Monday and Wednesday I go to skating.
Every night we have a family supper.
Regina, SK
Every night before bed, I figure out what I am going to wear for the next day.
Moose Jaw, SK
Santa comes to my house every year on December 25th. My little sister gets into my stuff everyday.
I have singing every Monday and Dancing every Friday.
St. Louis, MO
Everyday day after school I take my dog for a walk.
Savannah, GA
Every morning I make my bed before leaving for school.
Easthampton, MA
Every afternoon I watch the birds at the feeders in my yard. It relaxes me.
Wheeling, IL
Everyday I buy my lunch at school. I always drink chocolate milk.
Crozet, VA
Every Tuesday my grandson, Drew, comes to spend the night with me. I pick him up from school and I take him to school the next morning. (When he was little, he learned the days of the week as Sunday, Monday, Drewsday, Wednesday, etc.) Part of our ritual is that he gets in the car and says, "So, Grandma, what do you want to do today?" I respond, "I'm not sure. Have you got any ideas?"
Iowa City, IA
I go swimming every Saturday, which is my day off work.
Moose Jaw, SK
Everyday I come to work.
My husband and I ride our horses every Saturday morning.
moose Jaw
every Winter we go tobaggan.
Mrs. Banks
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Every night, I read a story to my son. We also play every day.
Mrs. Sample
Aydlett, North Carolina
Every Christmas Eve, my husband reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas to us before our children head to bed.
Mrs. Brinkerhoff
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Every morning I have to play with my little dog Brindle. She is a brown and white Shih Tzu. She thinks my only purpose is to play with her.
Mrs. S
Huntington Beach, CA
Every night before bed I ask my girls, 'What was your favorite part of today?' After they answer they ask me.
Nina P.
White Oak, TX
Every morning I read my Bible. I try to read through it every year.
D. Smith
Winslow, IN
Every Christmas Eve our 2 sons and their families spend the night with us. On Christmas Day we open presents, take lots of pictures, and eat a big breakfast.
Mme Blanchet
Every morning I take my dog Zorro for a walk.
North Kingstown, RI
Every day, I feed my two cats and one dog and give them fresh water, in the morning and in the evening.
Mrs. Rodriguez
Dexter, MI
Every morning I drink coffee on the way to work.
Denise Wallace
Grand Prairie, TX
Every morning I take my Sun Conure out of his sleeping cage and put him in his big cage with his morning treat.
Ms. Thomas
Bethesda, MD, USA
Every morning I drink a cup of coffee with soy creamer and watch the morning news program-"Morning Joe" for 15 minutes before I begin the rest of my routine. Every Christmas, I make sausage cheese balls and Pinehurst muffins for my family.
Hellem EspĂ­ndola
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Every night I kiss my daughter before she goes to bed and tell her 'Tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day.'
Karla Luedke
Saint Louis, MO
I listen to NPR (National Public Radio) every morning when I'm getting ready for work.