We are a group of six year old students who are learning about traditions. We have learned that most traditions are associated with a special occasion. Can you help us learn by adding to the chart below?

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Theresa Reiter
Garner, IA
St. Patrick's Day
My mom would make green pancakes. Of course we would wear green. My youngest sister would put green dye in her blonde hair. Today I still celebrate this day by wearing green and orange clothing with special shamrock socks!
Toronto, ON
Lunar New Year
This is also known as the Chinese New Year, but I am not Chinese. Many people in East Asia celebrate the Lunar New Year. We get together with our family and friends during this time. We eat delicious food, such as Dduck Guk (Korean Ricecake Soup), and play traditional games. Children also receive money for luck!
Cathy Davis
Westville, NJ
My family has a "sweet" heart breakfast on Valentine's Day. We make heart shaped pancakes and have ice cream with candy hearts- (before school:)
Barb Dunwald
Barberton, Ohio
St. Parick's Day
I would make green eggs, green buttered toast, and green milk for breakfast. We would have to be very careful on this day because the leprechauns would come out and make messes around our house and they did! :)
Michelle Koontz
Marshallville, Ohio
Christmas Eve
We make a birthday cake for Jesus. We light the cake and the kids blow out the candles.
Laurie Rasmussen
St. George,
Family Reunion
During the summer, we always had two family reunions, one for my mom's side and one for my dad's. Both reunions had good food, games, and counting jars. Horseshoes and fooseball competitions took place. One of my favorite memories was singing around the campfire. My aunt's sang songs popular during World War II.
Kristina Seely
Santa Clara, UT
July 4th
Every July 4th my kids (who are now grown) expect a batch of blonde brownies with chocolate chips. Fireworks aren't the same without them.
Dannielle Springer
St. George, Utah
Every year for Thanks-giving my family and I have a golf "tournament". Anyone who wants to come can (I was twelve when I decided waiting around the house and staying out of the kitchen all day was boring). There's a different trophy every year- one year it was Gumby in a golfer's outfit.
Jacinda Panther
Greymouth New Zealand
Waitangi Day
Waitangi Day is the day in New Zealand when a treaty was signed between the Maori people and the British Rulers at the time. Normally we have a day off from work and school and we spend time with our families and friends. Sometimes we might have a hangi (which is like a barbecue cooked under the ground) and listen to music.
Lori Garza
San Antonio, Tx
During thanksgiving we make a big turkey feast. When dinner is ready we sit around the table with a small loaf of bread and a blessing of thanks for all we have. After the blessing is said we pass the bread. As the bread is passed we tear off a piece and say the thing we are most thankful for that year. The bread continues to be passed until it is gone.
The Easter bunny would always come and hide our baskets somewhere in the house. It was our job to find our own basket. If we found someone ele's basket we had to leave it there and not say anything.
Our family would go to our grandparents house and enjoy our time together. It would usually snow during this time of year which made it even better, especially since it never snows in San Antonio.
Philadelphia, PA
Our Italian tradition of "seven fishes" on Christmas Eve brings family together. Each year we get more creative in this menu.
Mother's Day
We always take mom out to David's a nice Restaurant In Brewton Al
Anna Sluggett
I have Russian heritage so for Easter we cook lovely Easter bread in the shape of a cylinder called kulich - click here to see what it looks like. We also color hard boiled eggs in different colors and attend a midnight mass at church. After the church service we have a big feast with our families and eat lots of meat, eggs and Easter bread. Thank you for allowing me to add to your wiki!!!
Bobbie Brown
Louisville, Kentucky, USA
In my extended family, there are 5 birthdays in a row in March: my grandfather, 3 of my cousins, and my father. When we were younger, our families would all get together with one cake with each of the birthday names on it. They would then take turns being sung to and blowing out candles - we would light & re-light candles and sing "Happy Birthday" 5 times, all while someone captured it all on 8mm film (that's what we had before digital cameras). My grandfather has since passed, and many of the cousins have moved out of town so we don't get together any more for these parties, but it's nice to remember.
Susan V
Monroe, NC
This tradition has been going on for at least 85 years, probably more! On Christmas morning, it is tradition for us to eat Oyster Stew for breakfast. I am a grown woman with 3 of my own children and I can tell you that I have NEVER enjoyed eating oyster stew. As a child, we were not allowed to open presents until we ate it. So...I always have. I do, however, love the thought that I am passing on a tradition to my children that my great, great grandparents did!!

Kaitlin and Tyler
Arbor Day
We plant palm trees in Iowa. They usually die by November. :(
Syd, Australia
Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve, we participate in an American tradition which we were introduced to by our American neighbours. We put sand and tealight candles in a paper bag. These bags line our street and many streets surrounding us. This is meant to symbolise the path leading Mary and Joseph to the stable.
Niki O.
Audubon, Iowa
We do not open any presents until we have lit the candle on Jesus's birthday cake, sang "Happy Birthday", and had a piece. It reminds us of why we are celebrating.
North Kingstown, RI
For years, many members of our extended family would get together for a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. It got so big that we have to rent a hall to fit all the people! It is great fun and a wonderful way to see so much family in one place at the same time.
We serve a Norwegian dish called lefsa on Christmas eve. We also sing happy birthday to Jesus blow out candles and then we open gifts.
Songdo, Korea
As I grew up in Chicago in the 40's and 50's the Easter morning breakfast began with everyone eating a small piece of all the foods available for breakfast (boiled eggs, sweet bread, etc). Once a little of everything was eaten you could dive into all your favorites.
Miss Dunsiger
Ancaster, Ontario
Christmas and Hanukkah
I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, and since the two holidays have overlapped for the past couple of years, my family always lights the Hanukkah candles on Christmas Eve. We also celebrate Christmas Eve together as a family: eating appetizers and watching movies.
Sara Churchill
Stafford, NY (between Buffalo and Rochester)
On Christmas Eve we always eat pizza and Buffalo wings. Yum! Then on Christmas morning I always make Monkey Bread with my dad. (Monkey bread is consists of dough, lots of sugar, brown sugar, butter, vanilla and cinnamon. It's gooey and delicious!)
Walnut Cove, NC
My family visits Old Salem for the Christmas Eve morning Service. Old Salem is the first moravian settlement in North Carolina. We attend the Lovefeast cermony where we are given Lovefeast buns and hot apple cider. We listen to beautiful music and the story of Jesus' birth. It is a wonderful way to reflect on what Christmas is really about! Your class should check out:
Carli Constable
Fairport, NY (right near Rochester)
We always celebrate everyone's birthday in my family no matter how old they are! Mom makes their favorite meal and any kind of cake they want. We sing and open presents...I love this tradition!
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
In my family, when it is 6 months from your birthday, we celebrate your half-birthday. The person who is half way from/to their birthday gets HALF a cake and 1 present.
Regina, SK, Canada
Christmas Eve
In my family, we always got to open one present before we went to Christmas Eve Mass. It was always new clothes for church.
Every easter I wake up early and I wake up my mom,dad and Lorenzo(my brother) my mom gets me and Lorenzo a basket to get the eggs.
At my birthday every year we always give a pinch to grow an inch and after that we have cake.
Regina, SK
Canada Day
On Canada Day we celebrate my dogs birthday and we give him lots of doggie bones. We also celebrate Canada Day the same day by going to the Government House celebration.
Regina, SK
christmas Eve
Every christmas Eve, my family opens one present and we eat treats like cookies.
Regina, SK
We always have Preston's Road Race. We run at Wascana. We collect lots of money for kids that have cancer.
rovy q.
regina sk
Every Chritmas,my family dosn't open any presents until after we say one long prayer and put an angel on the tree.Then we can open presents.
Regina,Sk Canada
Christmas Day
Every year in my family,We open presents and we watch the Disney World Christmas Parade! It's so cool to see because all my favorite Disney characters are there! I REALLY love this tradition!!
Regina,Sk Canada
Mid Autume Festival
In the Mid Autume Festival we eat something that's called Moon cake.
regina,sk canada
christmas eve and christmas day
my whole family goes to my grandma's house always after lunch for christmas eve and we open one present of whatever present we want.At christmas day. we wake up
and we wait for everyone open all our presents.
Jacob bueno
Christmas Eve
Every christmas eve in the Philipines people sing carols and the people give them money.
Tauranga, New Zealand
Christmas in New Zealand falls in summer, so my family gathers together for lunch, outside if its sunny and has a barbeque. We lay back on loungers and soak up the sun and the drinks. Sometimes we'll head out to Mount Maunganui, where we have beautiful golden beaches and great surf. (Not at the moment though as we've just had a boat hit one of our reefs and it is leaking oil onto our beaches, killing lots of wildlife and contaminating our fish and shellfish)

Where You Live
Your Tradition
Saskatoon, Canada
I always have a birthday cake and blow out the candles.
Mrs. Cassidy
Moose Jaw, Canada
Our family always has cinnamon buns for breakfast.
Mrs. Hager
Moose Jaw, Canada
We always read the story "The Night Before Christmas" out
loud on Christmas Eve.
Moose Jaw, Canada
On Christmas morning we have home-made perogies for breakfast.
Moose Jaw,Canada
We dress up in our costumes and order pizza.
Madison P
Moose Jaw,Canada
We go to grandmas house to open gifts.
Moose Jaw, Canada
I get to choose my own style of Birthday cake and blow out the candles.
My mom puts sparklers on my cake.
Longview, WA
Valentine's Day
We always give cards to each other.
Longview, WA
We always open one present on Christmas Eve.
Tyler's Mom
Moose Jaw, Canada
The birthday boy or girl gets to pick their favorite food for supper and we also have the birthday boy or girls favorite cake. Tyler picked Hamburgers and French Fries for his birthday supper and a Spongebob cake.
Ms. Miller
Madrid, Spain
New Year's
At midnight in Spain, you have to try to eat 12 grapes, one for every chime of the clock. It's tough because the grapes here have seeds!
Hailey. J.
Moose Jaw, Sask
Every Christmas Eve me, my dad and my stepmom all sleep at my grandparents house and we get up in the morning and open all of our presents together and then we all make breakfast and we also leave milk and cookies for Santa when he comes.
Cheryl Oakes
Maine, USA
Harvest time
At the end of our harvest season we get together as a family and make our sausages for the winter season. We make breakfast, Irish, Italian both hot and sweet, and cranberry,walnut breakfast.
Cheryl Oakes
Maine, USA
Santa makes a stop and leaves new jammies for everyone on their pillow on Christmas Eve. What a surprise!
Moose Jaw,
We each get to open a gift on Christmas Eve.It is frexecellent.
Moose Jaw, Sask
We leave a special key hanging on the door for Santa to get in our house because we don't have a chimney.
Peter Stinson
Portsmouth, VA
We let our dog climb on someone's lap and have a piece of birthday cake. Every dog we've had... for the last 30+ years.
Regina, Sk
New Years
We always cook food in a fondue pot and make a Yule Log Cake.
Regina, Sk
Ukrainian Christmas
We always have a large celebration at my parent's house. We invite all of our family and friends to come. We have a wonderful meal of traditional Ukrainian food and play lots of games.
Nanuet, NY
We like to make a traditional Italian dish on Christmas -- Polenta.
You can watch our video. Hugs, Mrs. Chauncey
Mrs. Larson
Richfield, MN
Last day of school
On the last day of school each June our bus drivers circle the block so the students riding on the bus and the teachers standing on the school lawn can wave good-bye to all. Many parents transporting their children home join the parade with horns honking and arms waving.
Mobile, Alabama
Fourth of July
My family always has a Bar B Que and then we play pool games in our backyard pool. We always do things as a family on this day. We will also go to a fireworks show at night.
Opelika, Alabama
My dad always cooks sausage gravy on Christmas morning.
Auburn, AL
My family always reads the Christmas story from the Bible at our family Christmas on Christmas Eve day.
Auckland, New Zealand
Every Christmas season we learn a Christmas Carol and learn about the songs history. The Christmas carols are a great way to learn the story of Christmas.
Angleton, Texas
Our family always has "Pumpkin Day" where we meet at the family homestead the last weekend of September and hang hundreds of orange plastic pumpkins in all the oak trees. They hang for the whole month of October.
Angleton, Texas
Christmas Eve
Our entire family gets together at our house Christmas Eve (we are the grandparents). We eat lots of finger foods, sometimes watch a movie or play games, and the grandkids each open one gift. The most important activity is when we get out the birthday cake complete with candles and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.
Springfield, PA USA

When I was a kid, our family hosted a Christmas party on Christmas evening for all our relatives. The kids put on a nativity show. I was one of the youngest so I was an angel. Now my nephew and his wife have a Christmas Eve party and my grand-nieces do their rendition of the Nutcracker.
West Bend, Wisconsin
On Christmas Eve, we try to locate the "pickle" in the Christmas tree. It is an ornament that is hidden somewhere near the center of the tree. Once it is located, we each get a shiny silver dollar.
Buffalo, NY
Every Halloween my family gets a big pumpkin. We hollow out the pumpkin and bake the seeds for a snack. We then carve a face into our pumpkin and place a candle inside of it. The pumpkin then goes out on our front porch for everyone to see.
My birthday is close to Halloween, so we go to BOO at the Zoo.
Austin, Texas
Put up and decorate a tree a couple of weeks before Christmas. Our daughter gets to buy one or two new special ornaments each year (she will take all these to her own home someday). Christmas Eve - put out stockings for everyone, even Mom and Dad. Christmas morning no one can open any gifts or even stockings until everyone is awake. Stockings first, then breakfast, then presents. We don't live near any relatives, so we telephone family to wish them Merry Christmas.
Austin, Texas
My Mom and I have the same birthday. We always have ice cream cake, and go out to choose the cake together. The candles are always for my age, but we blow them out together. Dad takes a picture of both of us.
Mrs. Kunicki
Souderton, PA
100th day of school
On the 100th day of school, our first graders always have a big party. Every student brings in 100 items to display (stickers, puzzle pieces, noodles, buttons, popsicle sticks, etc.) and we have a 100 Day Museum. All the other grades (K-5) come to see and walk through our classrooms. We play games, have snacks and do activities all day long that have to do with the number 100.
Melanie and Abby
Ramsey, NJ
We light a new candle on the menorah and say special prayers and sayings for eight nights. We make potato pancakes called latkes, which are symbolic because they are fried in oil, like the original oil lights that Hanukkah celebrates. Some nights we get presents.
Mrs. Hanson
Southern California
With no family in the area, we always get Chinese food the night before Thanksgiving, and then we re-heat for Thanksgiving dinner. While it is in the oven warming up for a few hours, we all go see a movie together. We leave the house after the table has been set, so that when we get home, we pull out the hot food and eat.
Mr. Moss
NW Iowa
Our sons get to hang a birthday banner and drink from the birthday cup!
Kelly Gallagher
Wayzata, MN
The whole family gets together for dinner. The birthday person gets tof o pick out their favorite cake and we eat and open presents.
Paul Standring
Chicago, IL
Everyone in the family comes to our house on the South side Chicago in Ugly Christmas sweaters, brings a joke gift and then donates at least $10 to the community pot. Then we pick numbers and each gift has a number. The winner of the "Ugly Christmas sweater contest" gets to choose the charity that the "community pot money" goes to.
La Porte Ciy, Iowa
Christmas Eve
My parents come to visit us and my kids get to open a gift.
B.A. Ryan
St Stephen's Day
When I was young there was a tradition in Ireland (still very much alive in some places) of "Burying the Wren " On St Stephen's Day, a group of friends would get together ,disguise themselves and go from house to house playing their instruments, dancing, singing and collecting money to bury the wren. A night of music, dance and craic would follow in the local pub or at a house party. Wonderful memories!!
Mrs. S
Huntington Beach,CA
We buy funny glasses and a funny hat for my daughters to wear the entire day on their birthday.
Mrs. Koehler
Memorial Day
My husband's family started this tradition and my kids( which are all grown) and I love it! We get up early on Memorial Day and go to the park to cook our breakfast over an open fire! We love the fresh brewed coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls as well as the fried potatoes, eggs and bacon. Friends and family are invited and we try to go even if it is raining.
Mr. Pandila
Moose Jaw,
SK., Canada
We always wake up early and check out the goodies in the stockings. Then it is time to open the presents under the tree.
Mr. Dorenkamp
Milford, IA
Winter weekend
Late in February my family gets together at a motel somewhere in Iowa for a weekend reunion. Grandpa and Grandma always buy pizza. We play games and enjoy family time.
Jenkintown, PA
summer vacation
the whole family spends the week together at the beach
North Carolina
New Year's Day
We always cook food that will bring us prosperity (which are greens (our family favorite is collards) and good health/luck (black eye peas)
Macon, Georgia
Valentine's Day
My first grade class writes a poem to their parents, decorates it, addresses an envelope, and mails it to their home.
D. Smith
On Christmas Eve our 2 sons and their families come over to spend the night. Christmas Day we open presents and have a big breakfast.
South Louisiana
We have bonfires on the Mississippi River levee on Christmas Eve
We would have one present to open on Christmas Eve to prepare us for gifts on Christmas morning.